Your baby should never be left alone in the bathroom or tub even for a few seconds. Apart from being scalded by hot faucets, he could easily drown in as little as an inch of water. From this vantage point, you will discover sharp edges that could seriously injure your child, such as the coffee-table corner that your son always holds onto as he learns to cruise.

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  • These cabinet door locks are ideal for cabinets in your home that are unable to be locked conventionally.
  • These transparent corner guards lessen the blow of the collision, preventing boo-boos without damaging furniture.
  • Look for “childproof” covers that require two hands to remove or cover plates that screw on.
  • These magnetic locks have strong 3M adhesive-tape which won’t succumb to pulling.
  • Slide locks only work on double-door cabinets, fitting around two knobs to lock them together.
  • Yes, it involves drilling holes into your walls but getting it done far outweighs the worry of a potentially tragic accident.
  • These locks consist of two anchor points that are connected together.

In addition to the dresser itself, children enjoy exploring through the drawers. Drawers can hold dangerous objects or lead to a big mess. The dresser drawers can be childproofed using drawer locks. They can be easily mounted inside the drawer and opened when needed. As soon as your little one starts to explore around the home, it is time to childproof the cupboards.

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Choking is any parent’s nightmare and any risks must be avoided at all times. Also known as the common curtain rods, can also be effective at best infant life jacket securing your drawer handles. Find a size that fits the inside of the handles and put it through vertically through all the handles. If possible, find one that has rubber ends so your baby cannot take it out easily.

General Baby Proofing For All Rooms

Drawers hide all kinds of nasty objects that could potentially cause your child serious injury. If you are lucky enough to have your drawers laid set out vertically and have handles rather than knobs then you can easily baby proof these with a long narrow object. Best feature is the ability to deactivate the locks with the flip of a switch.

They actually aren’t safe for toddlers and young kids since they can yank them or try to climb on them and it can pull the entire rod out of the wall down onto them. The safest thing to do is to grab curtains that hang on curtain rod clips such as these. If you have tall furniture make sure it’s anchored to a wall.

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Keeps the doors and drawers completely shut leaving no gap at all. Invisible magnetic locks give no chance at all to ruin your decor. Connects with industrial 3M adhesive and doesn’t require drills or screws for installation. The ties are great as locks and they are easy to operate. But it’s very efficient as a quick and affordable locking solution.

Baby Proof Transparent Oven Door Guard

This door monkey can handle 18-22kg of weights and will avoid the child from getting hurt due to some pinch due to the door. This door monkey can work on any type of handle and can be installed in a few seconds. It also works as a pinch guard to the children and the height of the door monkey can be adjusted easily. This door monkey is very easy to remove and provides a standard and secure stability to your doors. This lock will fit over the existing door knob of your door.