It’s been an argument containing raged provided online dating and gender were anything

We’ve all read the well-worn idea that guys favor blondes, that blondes do have more fun etcetera.

As though in some way hair color decides simply how much could enjoy life.

But, as an old normal blonde, I’ve never settled much attention to what.

I’ve changed my locks colour on a regular basis since the period of 15. Particularly, as my friends bring pointed out, after an arduous break-up. Like a complete cliche.

Therefore, following the final end of a messy, lengthy on-off partnership in October, I altered my tresses colour once again – to brunette, the very first time.

I’d already been blonde, ginger, vivid red, but never brown

I happened to be very complimentary, very unmarried and also a great deal willing to mingle using my new brunette tresses.

I’d attempted dating software while in the really ‘off’ period of my above mentioned passionate entanglement. After that I’d been most gothic, along with already been pleasantly surprised by my victory upon it regarding messages and dates.

Would I’ve found comparable profits as brunette me?

It was time to get his ‘blondes much better’ theory towards best test.

That examination were to occur on Tinder, the behemoth of internet dating software.

I decided to invest 3 days as a blonde on Tinder, and three days as a brunette to determine what version of me personally might have a lot more success.

Thus manage blondes obviously have more fun?

The rules

To make this research since reasonable as you are able to, I set up the next ground procedures:

۱) i might spend 3 days making use of photo of myself as each locks color 2) i might starting an entirely brand-new visibility each time, so my previous using Tinder ahead of the research wouldn’t influence results 3) to obtain a reasonable sample, I would swipe best 200 period for every Filipino dating service in identical place 4) i’dn’t message my personal fits first as I wished to calculate fits vs actual men and women talking-to me

And when those are chose, I happened to be prepared to get swipe-happy.


It’s my latest hair colour, so that it generated feel first of all becoming brunette. We filled my personal profile with a blend of photos of merely me personally and photographs with pals, and a fairly innocuous biography with a bit about me and my own interests.

Pretty regular products actually.

I quickly started swiping. Points started off a little sluggish – in the beginning we only got a number of fits through the 200 swipes. By the end of three days this is what I ended up with:

I had 28 matches, meaning I’d paired with 14 percent of men and women I’d swiped close to.

But only six of the after that in fact messaged me personally.

Thus, all things considered, three percent of men and women we said indeed to determined they desired to chat me personally.

That wasn’t a stimulating statistic first of all, especially as I haven’t already been discerning.

So started the talks, and I also hate to state this nevertheless was extremely tame affair – extremely little of the inadequately thought-out intimate innuendos, come-ons or requests for cock pics that Tinder is starting to become therefore fabled for.

Perhaps i possibly couldn’t mistake this lad’s friendliness:

I adore getting plants, even digital your. But usually, all slightly disappointing.

Used to do enjoy particularly this guy’s laugh about my personal job as well. Good effort to reach know me.

But those had been truthfully the features.

Was my locks color to blame?

After an extremely muted enjoy as a brunette, I removed the visibility and started once more as a blonde.

I’d become blond for the majority of of my sex and teen lifestyle, thus I ensured to make use of rather recent blond photos of me personally, such university images, therefore years wouldn’t be an excessive amount of an aspect. We made use of the same biography as my brunette visibility.

And then we started swiping.

The real difference ended up being unbelievably evident and it also had been quick.

It had been really some depressing.

I found myself virtually getting a fit every single other swipe. It actually was ridiculous compared to the brunette profile plus it got permanently attain through 200 swipes since It’s one Match! display kept popping up.

Really. Every other swipe.

It had beenn’t simply an atmosphere possibly. It had been mirrored correctly for the quantity of overall matches We gotten on the three day duration. I had 101 suits, indicating just over half the boys We swiped on swiped on me-too.

By the end of 3 days, 20 of those boys had sent me information.

Very, 10 per-cent of the just who matched up with me ended up messaging myself. That’s at the very least 3 x more than once I got brunette.